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Two portals - one access to both

  • - up to 100 sequences
  • - video and audio
  • - 5 openly accessible show reels
  • - non-openly accessible show reels
  • - Direct Play feature in your own CV
  • - Direct Play feature in the film archive
  • - your own news items in the profile
  • - interface for exporting profile
  • - upload video and audio files yourself
  • - create show reels and update them yourself at all times
  • - link sequences with film and theatre projects, as well as skills

Your CV is learning to make moves...

Complete presence on castingvideos, the casting portal and Crew United, the network for the film and television industry!

Whoever registers with Crew United as a Premium Member video+ only has to set up their profile once and automatically has a parallel internet presence with up to 100 videos and audio samples on both castingvideos and Crew United. If you would like to avail of the benefits of having an internet presence at the same time on both castingvideos and Crew United but without video hosting, the Premium Member status is the best option for you. Basic Member status with a limited profile is offered free of charge: With one photo (instead of up to 20 photos), as well as completely searchable casting data and filmography, which is linked to the projects at Crew United (however without any external links, e.g. to a video).

The show reels of castingvideos clients who opt to switch over to the Premium Member video+ joint product status are automatically transferred to and included in the new registration status. Months of membership already paid in advance are credited in the form of an extended contract term (with the same applying to former Full Members of Crew United). Clients of castingvideos who prefer not to avail of the benefits provided by the joint products of Crew United and castingvideos, and who would like to remain in their current contractual position, do not need to take any action here.


Members with the Premium Member video+ status can upload video and audio sequences themselves using the MediaManager, which permits them to have up to five openly accessible show reels and as many further non-openly accessible show reels as they wish on the website. The sequences can be linked to the film and television projects registered at Crew United. Using the Direct Play command, they are then directly accessible via the CV of the respective actress/actor at Crew United and casting videos, as indeed everywhere else where the data from the profile export command (using the XML interface) can be evaluated.


Agencies can set up their clients fully with their complete profiles and update these for their clients to the full extent, including videos and audio samples. For this purpose, the project database from Crew United has been designed to facilitate the simple and fast creation of the clients' filmographies on the website, which can be updated easily at any time. This service is free of charge for agencies whose clients are themselves Premium Members or Premium Members video+, as well as for agencies for which the listing of their clients in a restricted form as Basic Members is sufficient.

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