Elisa Thiemann

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Profession comédienne
Année de naissance 1992, Hamburg
Nationalité allemande
Land Berlin
Résidence principale Berlin
Berlin, Cologne, Constance, Hambourg, Los Angeles, Munich, New York
Apparence ethnique européenne-caucasienne, scandinave
Couleur des cheveux châtain-roux
Longueur des cheveux longs
Couleur des yeux marron-vert
Physique très svelte / fine
Taille 165 cm
Langue (s)
Allemand - langue maternelle
Anglais - bon
Français - notions
Espagnol - notions
DE - Hambourgeois
Instrument de musique
Guitare - notions
Acrobatie - bon
Boxe - bon
Football - bon
Kick-boxing - notions
Natation - bon
Patinage artistique - bon
Saut d’obstacles - bon
Skateboard - bon
Ski - bon
Ski nautique - notions
Snowboard - bon
Surf - notions
Tennis - bon
Tennis de table - notions
Voltige - bon
Wakeboard - notions
Yoga - bon
Équitation - bon
Équitation western - bon
Street dance - bon
Danse classique - notions
Licence B (automobile)
L (mototracteur/machines)
M (cyclomoteur)

Elisa Thieman is a german actress. She was discovered on street as a teenager in Hamburg. Invited for the casting for the tv film MIT DEM RÜCKEN ZUR WAND directed by renowned writer and director Thorsten Näter, she got her first mainrole. The film won the Hamburger Fernsehpreis 2002, got several nominations on the Deutschen Fernsehpreis 2003. Despite of her created interest for acting and film she finished her school 2005. Forthwith she started and successfully completed her filmactingschool 2007 on Studio of Young Artists. Her final exam with the short EINER VON UNS directed by Timo Pierre Rositzki got nominated on up-and-coming-award. Before and after the actingschool she acted in several shorts and tv series like NOTRUF HAFENKANTE and ROTE ROSEN.In 2008 followed the next big tv film EINE NACHT IM GRANDHOTEL directed by Thorsten Näter, which got nominated for the Grimme Preis 2011. In this year Timo Pierre Rositzki get her the mainrole in his short PROFILE which win the Shocking Short Award 2011 in munich filmfest and get her first international award on Los Angeles Cinema Festival Hollywood 2011 for best supporting actress. 2012 next to other projects she got the mainrole Sophie in the short LAGUNA MORTA, which took place in Venedig and was directed by Christopher Schlierf.Since 2013 she acts in the successful Webserie as the role Lotta from Deutsche Welle. Moreover she grows up as a policewoman, Kerstin Klum, for "Der Usedom Krimi" in 2016! 2018 she acted the role Christina Niehaus in the successful ZDF drama GLADBECK. 2020 she is going on USA Filmfestival Tour with EFFIGY - POISON AND THE CITY, directed by Udo Flohr, in which she took part as one of the main roles. Based on the true story of female serial killer Gesche Gottfried, which is set in 1820s Bremen, Germany. Effigy won the Award Golden Aphrodite at the CYIFF Crypus Filmfestival 2019. Joyful is the critic: That Elisa reminds of the young Jodie Foster.

She is based in Berlin!


2021 Stimmlabor Freiklang (Stimmtraining mit Miroslav Großer)
2018 Die Tankstelle | Coaching | Film - TV - Theater
2018 - 2020 Elena Rezai, Gesang
2016 - 2017 Berliner Studio, Coaching mit Prodromos Antoniadis
2006 - 2007 Studio of Young Artist, SoYA Filmacting


2021 LHIFF International Film Festival Barcelona 2021 – Beste Nebendarstellerin
2020 Flathead Lake Cinefest - Preis für den besten ausländischen Film "Effigy-Poison and the City".
2019 Crypus Filmfestival Golden Aphrodite Award für "Effigy"
2011 Silent River Film Festival [us], Best Actress ([NOMI]) in "Profile"
2011 Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, Best Supporting Actress in "Profile"
2011 Silent River Film Festival LA - Best Actress Award - nominated für "Profil"
2011 Grimme Preis Nominierung für “Eine Nacht im Grandhotel”
2011 Filmfest München Shocking Short Award für “Profil”
2007 Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis Nominierung für “Einer von uns”
2003 D. Fernsehpreis Nom.: Beste Regie, bester Mehrteiler, bester Fernsehfilm für "Mit dem Rücken ..."
2002 Hamburger Fernsehpreis Hamburger Filmfest für "Mit dem Rücken zur Wand.“


KI - Die letzte Erfindung

SR, [DKSF], ZDF, R: Christian Twente
Die Getriebenen

SR, Film télévisé, NDR, RBB, R: Stephan Wagner
GZSZ Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten

[KB], Série télévisée, RTL

SR, [TVSP], SAT.1, R: Sven Halfar
Effigy – Poison and the City

RP, Film, R: Udo Flohr
Der Usedom-Krimi - Mutterliebe

SR, Film télévisé (série), ARD, Degeto, R: Uwe Janson
Der Usedom-Krimi - Geisterschiff

SR, Film télévisé (série), ARD, Degeto, NDR, R: Oliver Schmitz
Viessmann - 100 Jahre Viessmann – der Jubiläumsfilm

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SR, Mini série, ARD, Degeto, R: Kilian Riedhof
Nebelwand - Der Usedom-Krimi

SR, Film télévisé (série), ARD, Degeto, NDR, R: Andreas Herzog
Trugspur - Der Usedom-Krimi

SR, Film télévisé (série), ARD, R: Jochen Alexander Freydank

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Verhängnisvolle Nähe

Film télévisé, ZDF, R: Thorsten Näter

SR, Court-métrage, R: Adrian Lugol
Jojo sucht das Glück (Webserie)

RR, [SER], R: Christian Singh
Ferrero Kinderüberraschung - Na, neugierig?

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Laguna Morta

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Morden im Norden

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Jojo sucht das Glück (Webserie)

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A Night At The Grand Hotel

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Rote Rosen

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Einer von uns

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Notruf Hafenkante

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Mit dem Rücken zur Wand

RP, Film télévisé, R: Thorsten Näter